It is our hard work which has produced excellent projects and the squeeze is testimonial. Earning a video testimonial is a blessing and it the word of mouth on which 61 Design Street is becoming successful each day. We love to hear what our clients say about us. What we want to earn is your happiness which comes from our high quality deliverables to you.

Web dashboard using HTML, CSS, JS & Google Sheets / Apps Script

"A great experience, would recommend. Smart responsive team, a very good eye for design, and an intuitive sense of what's needed from my side as the client, and not just following the letter of the work order."

Stephen Johnston, New York, NY
Posted: May 11, 2016

Revolution conditioning

"The quality of work was great - very happy with the finished product! Will definitely go back to this provider again."

Maria Mountain, Canada
Posted: Apr 12, 2016

Product Design for Respirator masks.

"It was such a pleasure working with Argentini! She is professional, detailed, and very good at her work. She cares deeply about her clients satisfaction! We already plan to work with her again in the future."

Frank Tsaur, Singapore
Posted: April 16 - 26, 2016

How To Make A Website With Wordpress Step By Step

"Harpreet is a great designer and can create fresh designs with minimal direction, as well as code into complete sites/pages. A good designer /frontend dev to work with. Recommended"

Ian Mason /Nashville, United States
Posted: Mar 2016 - Apr 2016

Squarespace Coding

"Argentini was great! Very knowledgable with Squarespace, and coding. She was nice, professional, timely and easy to work with. Very communicative too. I would definitely hire her again in the future!"

Misti Marquette /Centro Playa del Carmen QROO| Mexico
Posted: Dec 12 2015

Play entertainment network

"Harry and his team are very professional. I enjoyed working with them. They provided me with a quality website and continued support afterward. I am continuing to use their services for all my future web developing needs. Great job Harry! 5/5 stars"

Jeremie Durand /Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Posted: Nov 17 2015

AMAZING Video Loop Presentation

"Aman did a great job to help us get a deliverable completed through a weekend on a very tight deadline. She worked with us through several challenges and communicated well throughout. She's a very talented young lady who can accomplish most any task and is able to pay attention to the smallest of details which is sometimes a challenge when working with other freelance designers who skip over that sort of stuff. I don't give recommendations to every freelancer, but I believe Aman to be a respectable, talented designer who will help you get your project completed on time with great quality."

Stehpen /Chicago, U.S.
Posted: Nov 2 2015

Balle and James

"They were prompt and provided me exactly what I requested. I am now creating multiple websites with them to cover all my projects. Looking forward to a long term working relationship."

Kunal Shah /Richmond, VA/United States
Posted: Oct 07 2015

Infographics Creator

"Aman Design Street was very punctual and followed all instructions to the best of her ability. She listened carefully and then produced good results. I would recommend her to others, particularly for her design skills."

Yashim /sydney | australia
Posted: Sep 15 2015

Farsi calligraphy hand drawn for coffee machine

"Extremely talented illustrator and artist. Very solid Illustrator skills. A pleasure to work with. Highly recommended!"

John /New york. U.S.
Posted: Aug 2015 - Sep 2015

Derm check app

"Great to work with . Highly recommended."

Ben Behnam /SANTA MONICA, CA/United States
Posted: May 2015 – Jun 2015


Harry listened to our design feedback and made adjustments accordingly. He was very quick at his work and keep up great communication.

Natalie /Hope Island, Queensland/Australia
Posted: 15 May 2015

The gypsy cottage bed and breakfast

"I just want to say "A Huge Thanks" to Harpreet and the team at 61 Design Street for their amazing job on building my website. They were professional, fast and always willing to step up too any questions or queries I had! I found them to be well priced and look forward to working with them again in the future. I have no problems at all recommending these guys to building your site, they work with honesty and integrity and I full trust them to deliver what they promised Definitely a 5 star review from me! Well done guys."

Nicole Kanofski / Queensland, Australia
Posted: 23/04/2015

Atticus international School

Urvashi Sharma / Chandigarh | India
Posted: 2/04/2015

Blog design

"Harpreet is an excellent designer. We hired him to help create some design comps for a WordPress blog that we needed very quickly. He executed the work very well and on time. We will definitely hire him again."

Ken Miller / Silicon valley, U.S.
Posted: 12/03/2015

Agile Remit

"Harry's work was a hidden gem to have come across from both applicants on oDesk and offline applicants in Canada. It's a shame that Harry's profile was not flagged as one of oDesk's recommendations, as we almost overlooked his portfolio due to the volume of applications we received. We highly recommend other employers to review his previous work. We are very happy that we decided to go through his design portfolio to see his previous work and design portfolio, and to speak with Harry about his ideas for our project before we on-boarded him as our designer. Absolutely fantastic work. We highly recommend reviewing his portfolio to see the caliber of his design work. We hope to build a long term collaboration working with him and his team as we build our business."

Rajiv Arumugam / Agile Remit/ Toronto, Canada
Posted: 02/03/2015


Working with designer is very easy, communication was fast, design quality was super awesome world class, my landing page design was great, I am happy with result. We will work again in future on more projects.

Mauree Vicente / DS SEO/ New York, U.S.
Posted: 25/02/2015


Harry did a fantastic job. The landing page he created was incredibly difficult and long-winded. We went back and forth for many revisions and he always made sure I was satisfied. Absolutely recommend his design work, thank you and we will be using you again.

Greg Brooks / Dozer/ New York, U.S.
Posted: 21/02/2015

Agriculture video episodes

Great videos delivered by Argentini. Video quality was awesome. We will work together more in future. Communication was very fast and completed the work before the deadline.

Paul / Australia
Posted: 5/02/2015

Onda Management Consultancy

Hanzade / Turkey
Posted: 26/05/2014

My Spot

Harry is an outstanding designer. Perfectly executed what we wanted for the redesign of our website. Followed all guidelines I gave him. I highly recommend him.

Adrian Langereis / Canada
Posted: 5/04/2014

Conservation Council SA

This is probably the smoothest, easiest design project we've ever undertaken... and we've done many. We expressed a lot of reservations with Harpreet (Harry) when we interviewed him because we've had some not-so-great experiences with other designers, especially when the work is hourly. But Harry reassured us, agreed to a flat-rate (billed using odesk's hourly system), and answered all of our questions in detail, with patience and courtesy. His work is world class, and the designs he came back with were almost 100% perfect to our needs the very first time -- and that's a first for us, even with designers we've worked with for a long time. Good communication is crucial to any design project, and we generally produce very detailed specification documents (multiple pages) to help things go smoothly. I will say that communications with Harry over email and on chat tend to be somewhat sparse on his side -- simple and to-the-point -- he has been unfailingly polite and friendly, and it is very clear that he carefully reads all of the written specifications we give him and follows them perfectly. All in all, as I said, this is probably the best experience yet working with a designer, and that includes the many US-based designers we've used, as well as numerous people from India, the philippines, and various other places. We are already working on another project with Harry and his team, and I am confident we'll be working with him and his team for a long time. I very highly recommend him.

Dan League / U.S.
Posted: 3/04/2014


This is our second project with 61DesignStreet. Both Harry and Argentini do outstanding work, and pay a *lot* of attention to detail. We were surprised and delighted to find that they'd found a lot of images to use that were exactly what we needed... not easy to do with the specialized services we offer. The design work is simply superb, as I think I said in a previous review, up there with the very best designers we've used anywhere. Everything was delivered on time or early, almost no changes were needed, and the few that were needed were handled quickly and done to our satisfaction. I have one comment, which is not a criticism, but an observation: We had contracted these jobs as flat-rate, but Harry wanted them set up as hourly. I think that's to ensure he didn't have to worry about getting paid, and I have no objection to that. We set the understanding that there would be no overage above the flat rate we'd agreed to, and also that there would be no manually billed time. The job did come out to the exact flat rate we'd agreed to, and there were a number of hours added as manual time to bring it up to the total flat-rate billed amount (this was actually true of the previous job as well.) I didn't have any problem with this, as we did agree to a flat rate, and it would in no way impact my desire to work with them again; however, I think it's worth mentioning, as I saw someone else complain about manual hours added, and I'm guessing this billing method is simply a way of their doing flat-rate work and ensuring they get paid. Again, no objections, it just would have been nice if it had been made more clear up front.All in all, probably the best and smoothest experience I've had in working with any contractor anywhere, and we'll definitely be working with Harry and Argentini again soon!

Dan League / U.S.
Posted: 3/04/2013

Golden Sparrow

Once we established a process, the deliverables and work quality was great. We are re-hiring them for additional work right after this.

Amit / India
Posted: 30/03/2013

Vivid Blooms

Harry successfully completed the task we gave him. His designs skills are spectacular, we will continue to use him as needed.

Robert Strafeldas / U.S.
Posted: 28/03/2013

Alpha Montessori School

Always glad to work with and get high quality drafts done to help client with decisions

Sunil Magavi / Canada
Posted: 1/02/2013

Talon Lodge Spa

Very impressed by the quality of work and the turn around time. I would highly recommend.

Philip Younger / U.S.
Posted: 12/01/2013

Jesse Bonanno | Turn it up

I enjoyed working with 61designstreet. They were very professional, very fast to respond to message, and I am very pleased with the work

Jesse Bonanno | U.S.
Posted: 27/11/2012

Bayard Consulting

Really liked working with Harry. He created nice designs and was great at communication.

Björn Bayard | Germany
Posted: 22/11/2012

New Talent Tour

I really enjoyed working with Victoria. She is an incredibly talented designer and added greatly to our team.

I will definitely be working with her again!

Eric Kim | Portugal
Posted: 20/09/2012


This is my sixth project with 61 Design Street team. I have been working with them from last 2 years and this team has produced great results each and every time. The communication with the team is very easy and they follow the instructions very carefully. I hired them coz i saw their design skills are great but i was happy to know that their development skills are even as good as their designing. Really happy with the team and would be working with them on regular basis for all the projects i have. I personally recommend them.

Philip Younger | U.S.
Posted: 19/08/2012

Now Invited

Harpreet is very skilled, he was helped me a lot to accomplish my goals in the web design. I recommend him very highly.

Paul Sunberg | U.S.
Posted: 05/08/2012


I am very happy with the deliverables and the cooperation with this company.
As always communication is key for a successful delivery.
Design in this project was really perfect.
Implementation was - as always - a little bit more difficult. But in the end they managed to meet my quality expectations.
I will definitely work with them again for my next project.

Jennie Huynh | England
Posted: 18/07/2012


Harry did a great job. Will contract Harry for different projects in the future. Recommended for any design projects.

Nick Kazakos | U.S.
Posted: 15/06/2012

Per Hire

Great group to work with as the work was excellent and the communication and articulation for the project was great.
I was very pleased with the work delivered by 61 Team.
I love the site they have produced for me.

Mark Bell | England
Posted: 02/06/2012

Secure Property Inspections

Great work, very happy with the finished website. Frequent communication, stayed under quoted time. We had 1 communication error, but this was solved in a reasonable time. Overall great job.

Nick | Australia
Posted: 1/05/2012

Guru Market Group

Harvinder at 61 Design Street had great design skills. After they made the great design they developed it well on wordpress and it has become very easy for me to manage my website on my own. The guys at 61 were very good as when they were uploading my new website they even took a backup of my old one and gave it to me so that i have it in my records. You dont have to tell them anything these guys are hard core professionals and really know what they are doing.
Thank you 61 Design Street for all the hard work.

Ricky | United Estates
Posted: 27/04/2012

Chicagoland Neuro Psychology

This group always delivers a good end product... however, a re-occurring theme is that they like to design on a 1600 width palette and assume the majority has those dimensions... it cost me alot of rework money to redesign the site to fit dimensions although i expressed concerns that the initial draft had content/buttons that were too big. They fixed it no problem but i paid for it.

Laure Lapord| U.S.
Posted: 20/04/2012

The Hair Network

Harry was very nice and good. We did not use his design, but we still offered to pay and he was very fair. Pleasure to work with.

Lester Mendoza | United States America
Posted: 11/04/2012

The Care Company

Harry and his team has worked on several projects for my company and has been very professional and timely on delivering tasks. The work has been outstanding and will require others whom I hire to have to fill some big shoes. We have been able to progress our online efforts forward and I cannot speak highly enough of him. Outstanding work.

Cindy | U.S.
Posted: 9/03/2012

Miracles are possible

Working directly with 61 Design Street has been a real pleasure. Working directly with Gaby he has responded many times after hours to answer my many questions and offer advice. The quality and design of the work is simply unbelievable and out of the hundreds of graphic and website companies I have worked with 61 Design Street is simply the BEST without a doubt. We have already starting working on the scope of the project for another project with Gaby and this company. I know there are many, many companies out there that do wonderful work I just know that Gaby and his team simply go the EXTRA mile in taking care of the customer a delivering a wonderfully beautiful project. Their rating in all their categories is simply off the scale. Thanks again for a wonderful project and for such a pleasant experience. Please feel free to view their design work on my site at www.miraclesarepossible.com.

Steve Edwards | U.S.
Posted: 03/03/2012

Discount Blinds 123

Great web developers who provided ideas, and a new website in fast time - very easy to work with, great communication. Will be using again on a new project soon!

Brain | USA
Posted: 25/02/2012

World Cheaper

These guys did a very nice job redesigning WorldCheaper.com and Wayby.com. Check it out for yourself.

Igor | USA
Posted: 21/02/2012

Fancy Ketch

Excellent programmer and would recommend to others. Corrected coding issues on the web site and since the corrections, the site is working without any bug issues.

Alan Flam | USA
Posted: 17/01/2012


Great work, very happy with the finished website. Frequent communication, stayed under quoted time. We had 1 communication error, but this was solved in a reasonable time. Overall great job.

J.aapiah | Englan
Posted: 06/01/2012

Bryce Allan

The designs and vision of this company are amazingly unique, I have so far said yes to all designs on a first sketch which shows the potential of this awesome design street!

Jasmine | Australia
Posted: 14/11/2011


Easy to work with.

Wille | U.S.
Posted: 01/08/2011


Have used this company on other jobs. Hope to work with them again.

Lester | USA
Posted: 23/07/2011

The Unique Diamond Boutique

Great work and great design, my app looks great!!
The work was done quickly and efficiently on time and on budget.
Will use again

Lee Dam | USA
Posted: 09/05/2011

Kimberly Guilfoyle

I am Kimberly Guilfoyle an anchor at FOX News. I did a lot of research to find a good design and development team for the first website of my life. I was very fortunate to find this extremely creative and professional team which was 61 Design Street. I was after to get something out of the box and they made a great design which i love. Not even that they gave me a back-end to manage the website very efficiently and i love it all the time.

Thanks Guys!!!

Giggs | USA
Posted: 17/03/2011

Hippy Seeds

I liked working with this team. i sure will do more business with them.

Nick Kazakos | Spain
Posted: 11/02/2011


Great work as always! Finish on time has a complete understanding of project details and finishes them before actual deadline.

Barinder | New Zealand
Posted: 02/01/2011

Aesthetic Edge

Naveet has done a great job to finish my website.
He has good skills for CMS systems and log-in projects and a cretive mind which helped a lot finishing my website.
I would recommend Navneet's work to anyone!

Parminder | Canada
Posted: 03/12/2010


Great developer! Work late to help me meet my very tight deadline with my customer! I will be using him again for another project!

Steve | Argentina
Posted: 29/11/2010

Ants & Angles

Another Great Solution from this provider! I already have another project for him. Great Worker! Awesome Skill Set! Meets my tight deadlines!

Alan Flam | USA
Posted: 07/11/2010

Park Avenue

Navneet is an excellent web developer. I needed to micro-manage a little bit but I know it is mostly due to my lack of detailed instructions on the task list. Will definitely use him again in the future.

Sean Gray | Austria
Posted: 20/09/2010

Picker's Pad

Excellent work! Couldn't ask for more.

Demetrios Tzortzis | Gremany
Posted: 11/09/2010

Paper Design

Overall great job!

Kane Sherwell | Japan
Posted: 10/08/2010

The Care Company

Did a great job with our project we will definitely use again

William DeAngelis | USA
Posted: 02/08/2009

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