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Ruby-on_Rails ---- What it Actually Is!!!

Ruby is basically a programming language and is a general-purpose programming language quite like Java or C Language. While to stretch Ruby a software library is used and it's named Rails. Rails in a layman language can be called a software code that programmers add to Ruby. And in technical terminology Rails is a package library which you can install through the use of operating system command-line-interface.

Why Ruby?

Compared to Java that tends to be cumbersome Ruby language is far easier to use. It has a clean and crisp syntax, so doesn't need hefty amounts of additional punctuation.

Ruby is slick, and by utilizing a far lesser code you can create a basic structure like data fields.

Why 61designstreet?

For us Ruby on Rails is a passion and our committed RoR developers know how to make web 2.0 applications with the help of the latest Ruby on Rails web services. We work towards delivering sustainable solutions and higher-grade support for this new and popular open source technology.

At 61designstreet your search for tailored solutions end because you get a team of expert RoR programmers to work on your project. Our team makes sure that they develop systems for use that meet each one of your business needs in a way, that your objectives are achieved completely.

How we stand out?

61designstreet offers flawless off-shore Ruby on Rails development services using the latest tools and technology. Our RoR programmers are experts in RoR technology and have experience of working on multiple projects. Our team has worked on varying applications and on projects spanning a whole spectrum of industry verticals.

Use our expert Ruby on Rails professionals to leverage the benefits of Ruby on Rails --- and make a positive impact on your bottom line plus experience better conversions and earn an unimaginable Returns on Your Investments.

Recon trac

Ruby rails project recon trac

Project : Recon trac

Project "Recon Trac" is all about automobiles

Simple. Reconditioning. Software. Ruby on Rails

Tracking system for Automobile industries. System work for used cars. Customers are of two types 1) Want to sell used cars to dealers 2) Want to buy new car in replacement of used cars Here works start 1) As soon car enter department new job is created with mandatory fields of job and car enters inspection department.

2) In inspection department type of work needed is analyzed. Type of jobs are created of particular department for job. After inspecting car job is moved to NEEDS APPROVAL department.

3) In this department manager check If price matched to market after all kind of jobs will be done and good profit is earned job will move to next department (A Very first department under which job is selected for work).

4) Hierarchy repeats until all jobs are done for that car. At last invoice is generated for that job. Invoice includes all kind job and, no. of hours and technician who works for the job is made.

5) VIEW ACTIVITY is section related to each job where brief history logs can be viewed from very first day.

6) VIEW STATS is section from where TIME log can be checked. Time spend on each Department and total time for job and each department time can also be viewed as how much time it was in * AWATING DISPATCH, * HOLD, * IN PROCESS.

7) REPORTS is section from where reports of all jobs can be searched by date, VIN number, Completed jobs, incomplete jobs etc REPORTS section is divided into 3 section
i) INVOICE REPORTS -- report search according to INVOICE generated
ii) Technician Reports ---- reports searched according to technician worked in job
III) Time Cycle report -- -- Reports are searched according to time spent on job

8) Search Section -- this is available on top header section of every page. ...... jobs can be searched by INVOICE Number, VIN Number, Stock number.

9) Accounts section is of 4 types

i) Owner of organization
ii) Managers of organization
III) Technician in organization
iv) Admin os SITE

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