Web/Software/Product QA and Testing

Web Testing services are available for checking your web application for possible bugs before it’sfinally launched in the marketand made available to be used by the targeted audience.In this stage the testers find allglitches such as that of the functioning of the site, web application security, its access to regular usersand other major issuesthat could affect your web application performance are checked.

To meet the demands of this competitive world and deliver our clients with the web applications that are flawless and bug free we provide a complete range of software testing services.

Our Best Team Of Bug Killers’

Testing is a veryimportant engineering discipline. It necessitates special approaches, tools, knowledge, skills, experience, and peculiar talent. 61 team consists of highly -skilled testers who dominate all these components of successful testing.

We offer complete range of testing services for the products made with technologieslike:
  • Wordpress
  • Ruby On Rails
  • Drupal
  • YII Framework
  • Laravel
  • Magento
  • X Cart
  • Big Commerce
  • Zen Cart
  • OS Commerce

We cover the following trends in software testing services

Website testing

With 61 you are assured that your website will be bug-free in the most efficient way. We offer full range of website testing services to make your software highly functional, secure and usable in compliance with the IT qualitystandards.

Mobile app testing

61 has evolved together with the mobile technologies. We test the quality of mobile apps across diverse environments, platforms and devices. We assure you that your application works fine on different mobile devices and networks which will help you to save a lot of money and time.

Desktop application testing

61 team tests your desktop application comprehensively for all the possible susceptibilities on time. We make your desktop app’s reliable. To deliver you the most suitable and leading edge solutions we only use the latest and advanced technologies.

The whole testing process

We believe that testing is becoming day by day a quality differentiator and a value maker particularly for those who wishes to comply strictly with only quality. Our qualified testers start their work from first phase of SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle). Our testing team believe in quality.We perform various tests on individual module and integration testing on integration module integration. We test coding standards of html - development backend coding.

We will meet you

When we get any new project the very first this we do is schedule a meeting with the client. In this meeting we basically try to understand what the client needs by asking simple questions like.

What is project duration?

When to deliver that project?

Time to action

Then our software tester creates a plan from the software requirement specification (SRS). The work is divided into differentunits. Our designing and development team starts work on projects. Meanwhile our testing team creates a test scenario and write test cases according to assigned units.

Killing all those bugs

After the completion of individual units the developers assign these units to the testers. Then we apply a smoke test on each module and if any unit fail this test itis reassigned to respective developers for fix. If the unit passes smoke test then manual testing is done on these units. If any bug is found during testing that bug is reported by tester to developer. When developer fix that bug the tester do the verification of bugs and perform regression testing on all associated modules. The bugs that pass the verification are marked as verified and closed. Else bug cycle is repeated.

We will deliver you a masterpice

Various tests are performed on individual modules and integration testing on integration module integration. These tests include compatibility testing i.e. testing application on various browsers,OS versions, hardware etc. After passing all the test cases test reports are prepared then project manager take decision to release or deliver the product. The awards honor outstanding new work of all kinds across all media.

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We are a full-service web design company crafting websites for satisfied clients since 2009 and helping them in becoming a recognized global brands. 61’s work ideology is based on the commitment to deliver result-oriented, process driven, personalized service. Simply put, if you want a partner who cares about your business choose 61Designstreet.

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