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Yii PHP Framework

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Project Overview

Playentertainmentnetwork is the best way to connect with your friends in experiencing all things happening in your city and all over the world. Playentertainmentnetwork is a new social network used to explore all the top events & amazing destinations around you,across the world & all tailored to you as an individual.

The Client’s Challenges

The client gave us many challenges, these following are few of them.

  • Geolocation

The client gave us challenge of Geolocation. We had challenge to detect the physical location of person.

  • Search option

Client has the requirement of search events. Client wants search result should be according to current user location and based on category selected from the navigation bar.

  • Responsive

The client gave us challenge to make a website responsive. We had challenge to make a website which should behave well on all device i.e. (mobiles, tablet and desktop).

  • Endless scrolling

Client has also the requirement of endless scrolling similar to facebook scrolling. If user scrolls down and there is more events in database it will display more events automatically, we don’t need to click on more button.

What we did ?

We utilize modern technologies, we used Yii2 framework for development.

  • Yii2 is an MVC framework in PHP, and takes advantage of some of PHP’s more advanced features, including late static binding, SPL classes and interfaces, and anonymous functions.
  • Everybody knows that a slow website creates disgruntled users, so Yii2 provides with several tools to help you squeeze more speed out of application.
  • Yii2 encourages testing. It is tightly integrated with Codeception. Codeception is a great PHP testing framework that helps simplify the process of creating unit, functional and acceptance tests for your application.
  • Yii2 simplifies security. It comes with a security application component that exposes several methods to help assist in creating a more secure application.
  • Yii2 gives us a few tools to help you spend less time on those tasks, and more time customizing application to suit clients’ needs.
The Result

The website is working perfectly and delivered each specific functions. A clear, responsive and good looking website. Now you can access this website on any device like desktop, iPad, tablets and mobiles. The website is professional and modern looking and easy to use.


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