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Reviewing The Top SEO Tools Of 2016

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Search Engine Optimization is a very essential part of business promotion. It helps you in applying certain techniques that helps you in getting a higher ranking of your sites on search result pages usually using SEO tools. If the ranking is higher, higher would be your site traffic and higher chances of opportunities. Basically the SEO is divided into two categories:

On-page optimization
Off-page optimization.

Both of these techniques focus at improving your websites rankings in major search engines. The On-page optimization is what you do on your website most of the times using best SEO tools. It could be keywords, page titles, meta tags, backlinks, etc. And Off-page optimization refers to the things that are done off your website by using various communities, social networking platforms, marketing, articles and blogs etc.

Through this post, we would like to throw some light at the top SEO tools used for the optimization of websites. These tools play a very crucial role in your website analysis and allow you to focus on such key elements based on Webmaster’s guidelines.

Below are the top SEO tools which could be used to review your website:

Google Webmasters Tool

Webmasters tells you how Google sees your website. It is an excellent user friendly and free tool which help you in critical troubleshooting and therefore improving the SEO performance. This troubleshoot report, allows you to modify your site for better performance. Also this tool helps you to quarantine the malicious links in case if your site is hacked. Google Webmasters Tool also provides PageSpeed Insights.


SEM-Rush Tool

This is one of the best SEO, tool that has gained a lot of positive reviews from SEO experts. Basically it is a keyword focused toolkit that assists users to look into related popular keywords, important terms and key phrases that could be added into the website content. SEM-Rush is also great as a link builder as it develops innovative strategies for purpose of link building. SEM-Rush also lists the best ranked sites competing for similar keywords.

Moreover it analyses the competitive nature of every keyword to score good points in major search engines. This tool has a very efficient database records for countries like USA, UK, India, Germany, Spain, etc. It is all-rounder SEO software available in the current technical market. And it provides free trial versions for first time users.


Moz Pro Tools

Moz is a tool that helps you in increasing the search rankings of your site. This tool very easily identifies the crawlability factors of your website that are influencing your websites performance. Moz’s tools help you in identifying the opportunities, build reports, track your website growth etc. Domain Authority and Page Authority are two of the most important indicators that you will be using consistently. Furthermore it offers a 30 days free trail for after which they have paid plans in various prices.

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog SEO Spider is an excellent crawl based tool (for PC & Mac) which can be used for analyzing domain structure. It is admirable for gaining technical knowledge of any website. The spider technology grabs all the details such as tags of titles and headings, internal back links numbers, current status codes, alternate texts, redirects, external links and more. The Web developers are very happy with its performance, especially the way its spiders collect vital information and notice errors.

Software and web technical experts recommend Screaming Frog for providing supreme SEO solutions for web designers worldwide. Website owners can get a free online version of Screaming Frog to test its strength.


This is another great tool when it comes to assessing deep linking data. Also you can find another very efficient tools like SEOMoz and majestic but none is as effective in checking and analyzing backlinks as the ahrefs. It is one of the best SEO software that makes information about unique domains, total inbound outbound links, gain and loss of link chart and likes, tweets, shares etc.


SEO Report Card

This is another free tool that delivers you with a SEO Report card. The report card provides an analysis of your website to compare it against your competitors in the industry. SEO report card provides On-site Analysis, Rank Analysis, Website Accessibility, Link Building, Current Indexing, Trust Metrics, etc.

Google Keyword Tools

This amazing tool from search engine Google proves to be very useful and efficient for website designers struggling with SEO problems. Google has updated the keyword tool many times and one can even access it freely. This tool provides near exact keyword matches, helping to identify keywords and keyword phrases for scoring highest volume.

It searches and hunts down keywords from every remote corner such as even from a drop down menu. Besides, this tool is directly linked to the Google Ad Words and is rumored to use the same search frequency as Google. Unquestionably it is one of the best SEO tools in the free category.


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