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What is testing ?

Testing is executing a system in order to identify any gaps, error or missing requirements.
Testing is a process of analysing a software to detect the differences between the existing and required conditions. These are the following conditions.

1. Does the software meet the requirements? Fully? Correctly?

2. Does it work correctly?

3. Are there defect in software?

4. What is the software Quality?

When to start testing ?

In Software Development Life Cycle testing can start from the Requirements Gathering phase and last till the deployment of the software.

Testing is done in different forms at every phase of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) like during Requirement gathering phase, the development phase and the testing phase.

When to stop testing ?

Testing is a never ending process and no one can say that a software is 100% tested.
Completion of test case execution.Bug rate falls below a certain level and no high priority bugs are identified.
Management decision.

Why Software should be tested? OR Why testing is important ?

A software should only be released after it has gone through a proper process of development, testing and bug fixing. Software is tested to increase the quality of software by fixing the bug. The cost of fixing the bug is larger if testing is not done in early stage of SDLC & bugs found in later stages. Quality software saves good amount of time and money. Software is mainly tested to see that it meet the customer needs.

Most important thing about testing is that the development environment is different than the Testing environment and the testing is done on testing environment. While developing the application the developer may be using Internet Explorer browser but it might be possible that actual user is using different browsers. So in the testing of application, in the browser compatibility testing (depends on client browser Requirements) may get issues. If testing team find bugs they report those bugs to the developer team, and developer team fix those bugs reported by testing team, which will increase the quality of that application.

We would not be able to maintain the application quality unless we applied proper testing.

It is very important to deliver a defect free product.

What process 61 follows to test a software ?

Our testing team start their work from first phase of Software Development Life Cycle. Our testing team believe in quality. Because quality of a software save time and money. And quality of a software can be measured by the client’s satisfaction. So whenever we get any new project there is initial project familiarity meeting. In this meeting we basically discuss on who is client? What is project duration? When to deliver that project? Who is involved in this project i.e. project manager, developer, designer and tester etc. etc..

From the software requirement specification (SRS) project plan is developed. The responsibility of software tester to create test plan from this SRS (software requirement specification). The project work is divided into different modules. Our designer team and developer team starts work on project. During this duration our testing team has the responsibility to create test scenario and write test cases according to assigned modules. When developer finish individual modules, those modules are assigned to testers. Smoke testing is performed on these modules and if they fail this test, modules are reassigned to respective developers for fix. If smoke test pass on module manual testing is performed for further testing. If any bug is found during testing that bug is reported by tester to developer. When developer fix that bug. On fix of that bug tester do bug verification and do regression testing of all related modules. If bug passes the verification it is marked as verified and marked as closed.
Otherwise bug cycle gets repeated.

Different tests are performed on individual module and integration testing on integration module integration. These test include compatibility testing i.e. testing application on different hardware, OS versions, different browsers etc. Load and stress testing is also done according to SRS. Finally system testing is performed by creating client environment. On passing of all the test cases test reports are prepared and project manager take decision to release or deliver the product.


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