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Illustration avatar vector series

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Illustration avatar vector series

Illustration avatar vector series for ibscards.com.au team members.
Drawing avatars from real photos was an amazing experience. It was completely exciting. A project close to us and the way it got shaped up into marvellous work of art.


Finalizing the sketch

When you have chosen a concept start sketching it loosely. You want to draw exaggerated characteristics of the images because it will create a more original design. If your illustration needs details then the sketching stage is when you should add it. It’s easier to add detail in this stage than the vector stage. If a section of your drawing looks wrong, rework it on a separate sheet of paper until you get it right.


Turn your sketch into vector art

We used Adobe Illustrator to create vector lines using the pen tool. Everyone works differently and you will discover what works the best for you.

Pen tool in Illustrator

The pen tool is one of the most commonly used drawing tools in Illustrator. Learning to use this tool effectively (or a similar one in your program) can really benefit your designs.
Determine your starting point then click with the pen tool to start your line path. If you want to create a straight line then click to create the second point. If you need to curve
your line then click to create the second point AND drag to create Bezier curves — smooth curves that can be scaled indefinitely.

You will notice Bezier handles are shown on both sides of the point. You can move the handles to adjust the curve’s shape and direction.
Before you continue, remove the Bezier handle so your next path is straight. Press SHIFT then click on the point to remove the Bezier handle.
Move on to your next point. Again, press SHIFT then click to remove the Bezier handle.


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