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Espresso Coffee Machine Ants Farsi Calligraphy

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A brand new mission and an expanded squad of powerful and provocative artists, 61desigstreet took another experimental and thought-provoking project in 2015. An Arab client turned up and asked to provide him with illustrations for an
Espresso Coffee Machine.

Very valiantly we took this challenge. Our principal goal as a digital web design agency is always to create structures that are intuitive, attractive and informative. For designing the illustrations for this project the very first constraint was the Arab language, being non-native speakers of Arab language and totally unaware about the Arab culture we had to face a lot of trouble. When obviously we are designing this illustrations for Arab people so it has to be acknowledged by them. For this we had to do a thorough research about their culture, their liking and most importantly we had to learn the Arab language.


The Idea “Ant”

We came up with a brilliant Idea, it was very simple yet elegant that was complimenting their culture. The concept was to use an Ant that was drawn with hand on paper, using the ancient Arab Calligraphy. Islamic calligraphy, is the artistic practice of print and handwriting, sharing a common Islamic cultural heritage.

61 believe that there is a meek charm in the tiny imperfections found in handmade things, and the right illustration can give your design something that so many others lack that is authenticity and sincerity. But the clear obstacle in incorporating handmade illustration is that not every designer knows how to make the fullest use of it.

Iconography – Good design not only matters, it’s utterly essential.

After the final design it was time to change it into real time illustrations using the Illustrator software. Every icon is condensed in pixel-perfect design and allied to a grid to ensure that you get the best possible look for your projects.Illustrators creates all his work digitally, yet the designs have a beautiful aesthetic feel, combining retro colors and charming ant character.

Every image very beautifully portrayed the whole idea. The ant carrying a coffee bean was a very unique idea. Every icon tells a different story.

Like in the Steam icon the ant is carrying a kettle in which steam is coming out of its spout.

In next icon for Hot Water, the ant carries a pot pouring hot water on the ground.




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