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Dashboard design development ruby on rails

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ReconTRAC is a simple and powerful program designed by 61DesignStreet for automotive dealerships. It tracks the entire reconditioning process so that you can easily see which departments are slowing down.

When reconditioning a vehicle, the next steps are vital. which departments does it belong? Who keeps track of all of the vehicles and departments? How can you go back to see what went wrong so you can ensure that it doesn’t happen again? Simple homegrown reports are just not powerful enough to handle this data, you need ReconTRAC.


Register and Login for New Organizations

We had challenge to create an account for new organization. When owner of an organization will register here, then owner will be able to login and he can create more account in his organization. Owner will have all the authorizations by default and he will have the power to create more accounts within organization and can change the authorization of all employee. There can be three type of accounts:

  • Owner
  • Manger
  • Technician

We had challenge to create dashboard, where you can see all listed departments. In dashboard you can see the status of all department. You can see how much jobs are in progress, how much are hold, how much completed today and awaiting dispatch of each department.

Create Job

We had challenge to create a job by two different ways.

  • Submit Job Request: We had challenge that when we create a job, first it goes to inspection department and job needs an approval for further process.
  •  Single Job Request: In single job request we had challenge that after creating a job doesn’t have to go in inspection department. In single job we direct add services to the job and this job doesn’t need any approval.



We had challenge to create reports of each department, Job and employee. In Report section you can see following reports:

  • Invoice Reports: Here you can see invoice of all jobs from present date to past dates.
  • Production Reports: In this section you can see that how much time an employee take to complete a job.
  • Cycle Time Reports: In this report section you can see the work done by department separately.



We had challenge to create this section. You can access setting if you are an authorized employee. In this section you can create/delete/update a user and department. You can change the general settings like “time zone”, prefix for invoice, organization name etc.


We had challenge to notify a user through NOTIFICATIONS, EMAIL and SMS. We had to notify a user if a job enters in his department.



We developed this site using Ruby on Rail. We choose Ruby for programming language.


If you want to know the status of a job and you don’t know in which department it is, you can search that job using search box.


The website was designed to work on a desktop and tablets. You can access the website on desktop and tablets. Client has the requirement that he can see all data in a single screen without scrolling.


The site is working properly, we delivered all functions that client needed. We created a good looking website. You can access the website on any device.


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