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Creating A Good Enterprise Image With Branding Services

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Brand is one of the most vital part of any business. But most of us fail to understand the real definition of branding and limit ourselves to only logo design. A brand identity is much more than just a logo and color palette, it’s something that sets a business, individual, merchandise or service apart. Whereas there are several aspects that affect a brand and these aspects can contribute to a unique and long-lasting brand.

“A brand is the emotional response your company receives. The emotion behind what someone feels, sees, tastes, etc., when they come across your brand. A memorable logo is just the beginning – yet an extremely important beginning – that sets the overall tone for your new or existing brand.” – Brian Hoff, Graphic Designer

  • Brand Name (the name your product or service)
  • Brand Positioning (the business’ niche)
  • Brand Definition (the unique name and/or symbol, including the logo and colors)
  • Image
  • Brand Management (the application of marketing techniques)
  • Awareness
  • Value


Branding is a practice that involves the expressing, naming, marking, representing or designing a product or a service in order to make it exceptional from others. This way, the customers and prospective users will be in a better position of distinguishing it from other products and services. An effective branding campaign can help change users’ perceptions of your department or your services.

branding services

While branding your product or services, there are several things which you need to consider in order to make the best brand. Good branding will attain several things when it is done properly.

1. While branding your products or services it is important to bring out the intended information clearly. In this way, your clients and potential customers will not be left with any doubts.

2. Branding is of utmost importance these days as it approves your sincerity. In this manner your clients and potential customers would not be left questioning your credibility. Your products or the services would be observed as genuine.

3. Good branding will motivate the customers to buy the product or the service because they appear authentic.


61 is a tactical branding and designing agency that believes design is not dependent on advertising: it can lead it. Our work is shaped by our comprehensive approach to building brands — understanding the values, vision, purpose, and unique ethos of the companies we work with. Whether it is smallest product extension or a ground-up design, we embrace your brand as our own.

branding services

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