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Birthday Party

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2014 thank you for being a wonderful year throughout and as you are going we are entering our 7th year of 61DesignStreet. While you were with us we did a lot of work and really got many things to learn from our clients, our team, competitors and surroundings. We all will keep a hold of all the experiments with us while we learn more in the upcoming new year 2015.

2015 we all at 61Designstreet would like to welcome you with warmth and open arms to give us another year of togetherness with each other and new members to come and keep making our work exciting with each new project. As a digital agency we have served many clients in the year 2014 and many of them while continue with us in the year 2015 we assure that last year we were good but this time we would be even better.

THIS NEW YEAR 2015 as team 61 we would toil together for the growth of our clients, for our company and ourselves too. Keeping our hand in hand with clients to give them the correct solution, guide them for what is right and make everlasting relationships.

As the technology is moving forward the relationship between us and clients is growing as we want our clients to be updated and have latest standards of design and code for their website, app, branding, software or digital marketing.

We have been doing good work all the time but now we are going to take it to the NEXT LEVEL which would blow the minds of the viewers who see our work.

Would like to thank all who have been associated with us especially our clients as by their trust we grow each day and produce exceptional work, our team for being patient listeners and understanding the requirements of the clients and doing awesome work, management for making things work out efficiently.

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